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Dr. Miles Neff

A native of the Puget Sound region, Dr. Neff is never far from boats. Or books. He has an extensive collection of First Editions and an avid curiosity about everything, from the ridiculous mechanics of an automobile engine to the sublime machinations of the human mind. He is also never far from family, despite the fact that his grown children and growing grandchildren reside in far-flung and exotic locales such as Lagos, Boston, and…Ballard. And although Dr. Neff earned his degrees in Pharmacology and Dentistry from the University of Washington, and developed his dental artistry and ingenuity over the course of 35 years in dental practice, it has always been the primacy of family that most shaped his career. It is this sense of family—not to mention his humor, integrity, and engagement—that keeps Dr. Neff’s patients always coming back and his staff never wanting to leave.

Dr. Neff also loves to share his latest readings and recipes with his patients. Visit our extras pages to see what has been on his mind and his plate.